How to “FIX” BSIDES in 3 steps.

If you are in the security community you have seen this scathing criticism of the way BSides is ran and the response.

I wasn’t asked but I have an opinion on how I would like to see BSides fixed:

The forming of a national council of 10 BSides Coordinators who would be responsible for setting guidelines for how new events are brought online and how money from the BSIDES organization is distributed.

Election of an executive officer for a two year term who would be supplied with a modest travel budget to attend as many events as possible to help mentor coordinators.  (My personal vote would be for Jack Daniel to steer the boat for the first two years.) 

The deemphasizing of the two big events in LV and SF as $100,000+ events and the emphasizing of smaller events.  I think the smaller events are going to be the driving force of keeping BSides alive and companies will quickly stop wanting to support parties in Vegas.

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