Just Say No To Security By Listicle!

I see these types of listicles on LinkedIn or Twitter a few times a week: 
5 tips to protect your business against cyber crime
Ten ways to prevent a data breach and protect your small business
3 tips to keep your company secure from hackers

They are written by *security experts* and they say effective security is as easy as:

  • Running  su -c ‘yum update’ every week.
  • Picking a good password. 
  • Blocking  everything from China.

The only way to respond to these articles is: 


The truth is SECURITY.IS.HARD! 

When an *expert* writes an article based on the premise that effective security is achievable by following a canned security framework they devalue the whole security industry. Implementing security in any organization is about performing the unique risk analysis and that cant be achieved through a checklist. 

So the next time you see one of these listicles just say…


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