Status Quo becomes Status: NO

What do you do when the Status quo becomes the Status:NO?

Recently I have noticed a disturbing trend in my professional and personal life.  It has become way easier for me to say “Sorry, I can’t help with that.  I do (this) at (that time) already” or “no, it works ok now let’s not change it.” or worst of all “If we do that these people might complain”.

My Three Keys to “Status: No”-ing are: 

  • Highlighting the pain a few vocal critics might inflict instead of the benefits for the many.
  • Exaggerate how good things are now in order to make change look unnecessary.
  • Acting like my schedule is completely booked and taking on any additional responsibilities would be impossible.

I have become comfortable in my routine so I lie to myself about areas that need improvement and growth.  I have become a creature of habit. I have lived, worked and worshiped at the same place for the last 8 years of my life.

Basically it boils down to:  

I am not the new kid anymore.

I am part of the establishment now and when you become part of the establishment you do what the establishment does, you fight change. I defend the way things are because they are ingrained in my routine.  I am like the lady who cut off the end of the ham because that’s the way her mom did it.

So I guess my challenge is going to be: Figure out how to see what the new kid would see without actually being the new kid.

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