Applying Kindergarten Rules To Security Professionals

My son came home from his  first full week of Kindergarten this week and had a list “learning targets” that lined up amazingly well with what we should be doing as security professionals.

I can use pictures to predict story content.
Being able to understand what is going on if we only have half the information is an invaluable skill for security professionals.

I can listen and follow directions.
Do you folllow your companies own security policies or have you exempted yourself from them because you are special?

I can use an appropriate voice level.
Have you mastered when a security incident a real emergency and is worth yelling about and when it is OK to wait to talk about it?

I can say the name of my classmates.
Can you name 90% of the people who work in your building (or for your company)?

I can have fun while learning.
Is your job still fun? 


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