Safer Internet Day

Today is “Safer Internet Day” and I couldn’t let such an amazing made up holiday go by without giving you some of my favorite personal security

Enable Two Factor Authentication.
GoogleFacebookTwitter and hopefully your bank all offer two
factor authentication.  Enabling it adds an extra layer of security to
help protect your accounts. 

Be Smarter About Your Passwords.
A personal password manager (I like LastPass) is a must.  They help ensure you have
amazingly complex and basically uncrackable passwords and helps you to not
commit the security sin of password reuse.

If you dont use a password manager you should follow the 3 basic rules of good passwords: 

15 characters or more. 
Mixture of uppercase, lowercase and special characters. 
Unique for each site you visit. 

Change Your Passwords Often.
No matter how complex your password is it is necessary to change it
regularly. I suggest changing all your passwords at least two
times a year.

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