Cloning UIDs with Chameleon

I have recently started investigating RFID security and picked up a Chameleon Mini.  It is an amazing project with a ton of potential. In these quick demo videos I will show how to clone the UID of both a Mifare 1K 4B card and a Mifare 1K 7B card using the Chameleon.
Cloning the Mifare 1K UID (Aria Card):

Cloning the Mifare 1K 7B UID  (Oyster Card):

These were both extremely simple to do.  In the future I will be demoing how to take full card dumps from an RFID card and load it on to the Chameleon Mini for a “true clone”.
Tool List: 
Oyster Card
Aria Card
Hardware Picture: 
2015-12-02 07.55.17
Disclaimer: While cloning the UID isnt a full spoof of the card WAY (READ:MOST) more organizations rely on UID based authentication then should.  While the tools say the UIDs have been cloned I have not tested these on any live systems and would not without permission.

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