Simple TOR Socks Proxy Container

I built a simple TOR  socks proxy container today to be able to easily use TOR to machines I am working on.
Getting it to run is as simple as:
docker run --name tor -ti -p 9050:9050 jgamblin/tor
This will run it as a daemon:
docker run --name tor -ti -p 9050:9050 jgamblin/tor
From there all you have to do is configure your  browser to use port 9150 and you are using TOR.

The dockerfile for this build is fairly simple and is on Github and Docker Hub:
As always if you are *REALLY* worried about security you should be using Tails but this works perfectly to get an “outside-in” real world look of your environment.   If you have any questions please reach out to me on twitter at @jgamblin.

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