Network Monitoring With Slack Alerting

Last November I hacked together a script that continually monitored your network and sent a slack alert when something change.   It worked but I was never 100% happy with it so I spent some time this weekend and rewrote it so that is hopefully more user friendly and functional. Some changes in this version includes the ability to set timeouts between scans, better output on the machine running the script, better logging and the start of a framework to add new tools.
All you need to run this project for yourself is a Ubuntu install with NMap, PripsSlackCLI and a copy of the script.
Once running here are what a slack alert looks like:

Here is what the script looks like running:

Here is a copy of the script:

#!/bin/bash -u
# Requires NMAP, NDIFF, PRIPS and Slackcli
# NETOWORKS should be the list of networks you want to monitor.
# INTERVAL how many seconds to wait between scans
# SLACKTOKEN from here
TARGETS=$(for NETWORK in ${NETWORKS}; do prips $NETWORK; done)
SLACKTOKEN="Get This From"
OPTIONS='-T4 --open --exclude-ports 25'
cd  ~/scan
while true; do
    # If the last run file exists, we should only sleep for the time
    # specified minus the time that's already elapsed.
    if [ -e "${LAST_RUN_FILE}" ]; then
        LAST_RUN_TS=$(date -r ${LAST_RUN_FILE} +%s)
        NOW_TS=$(date +%s)
        LAST_RUN_SECS=$(expr ${NOW_TS} - ${LAST_RUN_TS})
        SLEEP=$(expr ${INTERVAL} - ${LAST_RUN_SECS})
        if [ ${SLEEP} -gt 0 ]; then
            UNTIL_SECS=$(expr ${NOW_TS} + ${SLEEP})
            echo $(date) "- sleeping until" $(date --date="@${UNTIL_SECS}") "(${SLEEP}) seconds"
            sleep ${SLEEP}
    START_TIME=$(date +%s)
    echo ''
    echo '=================='
    echo ''
    DATE=`date +%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S`
    for TARGET in ${TARGETS}; do
	echo ''
	echo $(date) "- starting ${TARGET}"
        # Scan the target
        nmap ${OPTIONS} ${TARGET} -oX ${CUR_LOG} >/dev/null
        # If there's a previous log, diff it
        if [ -e ${PREV_LOG} ]; then
            # Exclude the Nmap version and current date - the date always changes
            ndiff ${PREV_LOG} ${CUR_LOG} | egrep -v '^(\+|-)N' > ${DIFF_LOG}
            if [ -s ${DIFF_LOG} ]; then
			printf "Changes Detected, Sending to Slack."
			nmap -sV ${TARGET} | grep open | grep -v "#" > openports.txt
			slackcli -t $SLACKTOKEN -h nmap -m "Changes were detected on ${TARGET}. The following ports are now open: "
			sleep 1
			cat openports.txt | slackcli -t $SLACKTOKEN -h nmap -c
			rm openports.txt
                # Set the current nmap log file to reflect the last date changed
                ln -sf ${CUR_LOG} ${PREV_LOG}
                # No changes so remove our current log
		printf "No Changes Detected."
                rm ${CUR_LOG}
            rm ${DIFF_LOG}
            # Create the previous scan log
            ln -sf ${CUR_LOG} ${PREV_LOG}
    touch ${LAST_RUN_FILE}
    END_TIME=$(date +%s)
    echo $(date) "- finished all targets in" $(expr ${END_TIME} - ${START_TIME}) "second(s)"

Some Quick Notes:

  • You will want to run this in screen so that it runs continually.
  • I excluded port 25 because it was reporting as “filtered” every other scan causing false alerts.
  • NDIFF really needs to be updated.  Its output is ridiculously bad.
  • Let me know on twitter if you have any questions.

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