Security Summer Camp Talks I Can’t Wait To See

Security Summer Camp, as it is colloquially known, is three security conferences that occur during the same week in Las Vegas.

The three conferences that make up Security Summer Camp are:

While preparing for these conferences, I dug through their schedules and picked out the talks I was interested in catching.

BSides Las Vegas

BSides Las Vegas is back with a fantastic schedule and one of the best community events of the year.
Here are a few fantastic talks I will try to catch.

Blackhat USA

Blackhat USA is the “commercial conference” of the three but still has a great lineup of talks.
Here are the talks I will be catching (and presenting at)


DEF CON is probably the most well-known hacker conference in the world, and rightfully so with the quality of talks this year.

Along with these talks, they have these interest-specific villages where I will spend a lot of time. Here are the villages where I know I will be spending time.

Wrapping Up

Did I miss anything you are interested in seeing, or will you be in Las Vegas and want to chat? Let me know on Twitter at @JGamblin.

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