Installing netcat backdoors with a piZero

I have been playing with my stack of piZero’s recently and started to read about the kernel OTG gadgets and was intrigued by the OTG_HID gadget.  So after doing some reading I found that someone had ported the USB Rubber Ducky platform to the piZero and called it rspiducky.
Building it is fairly straight forward but if you if you want a ready made solution I put a precompiled copy of the .img file here.
Once you get the image to your SD card (sudo dd if=duckberrypi_zero_minibian_05.img of=/dev/disk*/ bs=4m) you then start putting your payload into (surprise) payload.dd.
It is amazingly easy to drop a NetCat backdoor using this method.  You just need a publically available server you can run nc -l -p 443 -vvv on. 
Here is a non-persistent example:
Here is a persistent example via a cron job:
Here is the script running:

Here is what the NC backdoor looks like:

Bonus Scripts:

Type the longest word in the world 100,000 times:

Hide all windows 100,000 times:
Hello World test script:

As always have fun and only do good with these tools. 

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