KaliZero: A piZero USB Gadget Running Kali

I have been playing with my stack of pizero a bunch lately and tonight I decided to put together a piZero OTG Ethernet gadget that runs Kali (Really KaToolin),  XRDP and Mate in a computer on a stick configuration.  This way I have a full (as I want it to be) Kali installation with me as long as I have access to a USB port.

Here are the steps to build your own:
Install your pizero as an ethernet gadget.
Share your internet connection with your piZero:

You can now login into your PiZero at:
[email protected]

Copy and Run this shell script:
sudo reboot
Configure RDP and access your KaliZero:
Use KaToolin to install the tools you want:
sudo katoolin
**Be Warned:  The piZero is slow.  It is usable for basic tasks but is not amazing.

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