My Security Summer Camp Talk List

Security summer camp is about a week away so I spent some time this afternoon trying to figure out what talks and events I want to make sure I attend.
BSides Las Vegas:
A Day in the Life of a Product Security Incident Response Manager
Hadoop Safari : Hunting For Vulnerabilities
Introduction to Reversing and Pwning
YARA-as-a-Service (YaaS): Real-Time Serverless Malware Detection
Abusing Webhooks for Command and Control
BSides Las Vegas Full Schedule


Breaking Electronic Door Locks Like You’re On CSI: Cyber
Free-Fall: Hacking Tesla From Wireless To Can Bus
Blackhat Full Sechedule

Defcon 25:

Meet the Feds (who care about security research)
There’s no place like – Achieving reliable DNS rebinding in modern browsers
Wiping Out CSRF
Real-time RFID Cloning in the Field
Exploiting 0ld Mag-stripe information with New technology
Secret Tools: Learning About Government Surveillance Software You Can’t Ever See
Next-Generation Tor Onion Services
Using GPS Spoofing to Control Time
Cisco Catalyst Exploitation
Defcon Full Schedule

Other Events:

Defcon Parties List

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