MAC Address Randomization for MacOS

One of the things that even the new MacOS beta is missing is MAC Address Randomization on boot.  After spending a few hours working on it I put together this completely hack-y solution that uses Spoof and an automator Script saved as an application.
Here is how I configured it:

on run {input, parameters}
	delay 4
	tell application "Terminal"
	end tell
	tell application "System Events"
		delay 0.3
		keystroke "sudo spoof randomize en0"
		keystroke return
		delay 0.5
		keystroke return
		delay 5
	end tell
	tell application "Terminal" to quit
	return input
end run
  • Change “#SADLYYOURPASSWORDHERE” to your local password.
  • Test & Save:

  • Add to System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login items

Overall this is a pretty simple solution.  I dont love it because you have to save your local password in the script and I am looking for a way to change that but it looks like to change the MAC address you have to be root.  I will update this post if I figure out a way to remove the password.

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