We complain we have lost the true meaning of Christmas or Easter but I think the commercialization of those Holidays pale in comparison to the Holiday we will celebrate Monday.

What is this Monday?

A great day to get a deal on a new TV?

The perfect time to buy a new Car?

The unofficial start of summer?

The day to fire up the grill and have family over?

Actually Monday is the most important holiday in America.  Seriously.  It is a day set aside to honor our fallen military members that give us the freedom we enjoy today. Very few of us do it.  We don’t like to think about the true cost of our freedom. 

The true cost of freedom is 1,343,812 American lives lost in combat since 1775.That’s the number I am going to focus on this weekend 1,343,812. Not 15% off. Not 5 hot dogs. Not shooting under 100 on the golf course. Not a 3 day weekend. 1,343,812.

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