Thank You Fitbit!

Last Friday I was going through the security line at the Atlanta airport and somewhere between putting my Fitbit Flex in the gray bin along with my phone, belt, watch, wallet, blazer, laptop, other laptop and shoes it got lost, stolen or maybe abducted by aliens.

So I do what I always do when something doesnt go my way… I complained about it on twitter:

By the time I had landed in Chicago I had this reply from Fitbit:

I filled out the form and got on the plane to Columbia.  When I got home I had an email from Ana B at Fitbit asking me for my mailing address and yesterday this was in my mailbox:

I am very thankful and amazed that Fitbit would do something as nice as ship me a brand new fitbit flex for something that obviously wasn’t their fault and they had nothing to do with.

I was always super impressed with my Flex before this but now they have a fan for life.

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