The Flood of 1993

They are saying the flood on the Missouri River this year could be as bad as it was during 1993. I was 13 years old during the last “great” flood and was living in South St.Louis city at the time.

My Grandparents house wasn’t flooded but we did lose electricity so we stayed in a hotel for a week with a pool somewhere in South County.

I remember Budweiser stopped making beer and started to can water.
I remember walking down to South Broadway and getting a can and saving it.
(I dont remember what I did with it.)
I remember walking to River Des Peres as it was getting ready to top its levee.
(I remember calling it River De Poop. (Hey I was 13.).)

I remember eating steaks for three straight days out of the deep freezer so they didn’t spoil when we lost electricity.
I remember getting free Nachos and Soda at the 7-11 because they had lost electricity.
I remember a sense of community I didn’t feel again until I moved to a small town.
I remember wishing it was over.

I now live in a small town across the Missouri River from Jefferson City and there is no chance of my house personally being flooded. There is a really likelihood of me being inconvenienced going to work if they are right. 

Maybe if they are right I’ll take a few vacation days and stay with my Grandma as see if I cant lend a hand in South City.

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