5 Ways To Kill Your Dreams

I heard an amazing TED Talk on the way to work today and information was too good to not share. 

Here are 5 guaranteed ways to kill your dreams: 

Believe in overnight success.
No one becomes successful over night.  We have been trained as a society to devalue work ethic and think that all success is instant. 

Believe someone else has the answers for you.
Your family, your friends and your business partners all have opinions on what you should do but their opinions are always tainted with their own self interest. 

Believe that when growth is guaranteed, you should settle down.
Great dreams don’t have endings they just have chapter breaks. 

Believe the fault is someone else’s.
If you have dreams it is your responsibility to make them happen.

Believe that only the goals themselves matter.
Life is never about the goals themselves. Life is about the journey. The only way to really achieve all of your dreams is to fully enjoy every step of your journey. 

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